ShowTech offers a complete wool serge hire solution

Black Wool Serge Hire

Our wool serge drape is ideal for draping the walls of your venue as well as for creating false walls & closing off areas of the room.

Black wool drape can easily be erected using a pipe & base mounting system, this free standing system allows us to build a series of telescopic 'goalpost' like structures in your venue to hang the drape from that, in the same way that we hang our starcloths.

In our hire stock we have 6mx5m 6mx4m 4.5mx4m 6mx3m 6mx2m 3mx3m & 3mx2m drapes. So by using our drapes & pipe & base system we can create custom lengths to suit your venue by folding back any unnecessary drape.

We often use our black wool drapes alongside our starcloths. Many clients choose to starcloth a wall in the venue & to then use black wool drape to cover the remaining walls. This looks great & is obviously much cheaper than star-clothing an entire venue which can become expensive.

How To Proceed With Black Wool Serge Hire:  If you are considering using ShowTech & would to like to arrange a visit or meeting to discuss ideas, or just want to ask us a question simply, fill in our Enquiry Form or ring us on 07792015055 to receive some friendly advice on what will work best for you.

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