ShowTech offers a complete lycra sail hire solution

Lycra Sails Hire

Lycra Sails are lightweight & semi transparent, allowing about 75% of the light to pass through. They are extremely stretchy & can be pulled into many dynamic shapes with nice curves. They can be used to fill an overhead space & is a particularly effective for enclosing an area that has a high ceiling. These event decorations can also be used impressively with other overhead hangings. The fabric is such that lights shining onto & through the material leaves accentuated patterns on the surface. The white stretchy glows under Ultra Violet lighting. We have a range of stock sizes in white available for hiring which have tie off loops already attached.

Lycra Sails offer an inexpensive yet effective method to modernize or dress up a space by providing an interesting background that double functions as a surface for projection & lighting effects. They are easy & quick to set up. Multiple panels, stretched or freestanding, can be combined to create a variety of different designs.

How To Proceed With Lycra Sails Hire: If you are considering using ShowTech & would to like to arrange a visit or meeting to discuss ideas, or just want to ask us a question simply, fill in our Enquiry Form or ring us on 07792015055 to receive some friendly advice on what will work best for you.

ShowTech News & Tweets

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